Things To Consider When Replacing Your Air Ducts

In many homes, there is a central air conditioner (AC) or heating, ventilation, air conditioning system (HVAC) which has air ducts in the different rooms of the house which will cool the entire house. The cold air produced by the AC is transported to the different rooms through the air ducts to cool the rooms. 

Similarly, the hot air from the rooms is routed through the air ducts to the central AC. In some cases, the family living in the house may find that some rooms are not being cooled or in some cases, all the rooms of the house are not being cooled.

While in some cases, there may be a fault with the central AC, often there is a problem with the air ducts which may affect the cooling in some or all rooms. Some homeowners find that the air ducts have developed holes due to corrosion or other reasons. The cooled air is leaking from these holes, making the AC system less effective. 

In other cases, dirt and dust may have accumulated in the air ducts, reducing the space available for airflow. This can also adversely affect the quality of the airflow. Due to the low temperatures, and high humidity levels, mold may grow in the air duct, causing allergies respiratory, and other health problems. Hence the air duct should be carefully inspected.

Getting The Service Of A Professional Duct Cleaner

Some homeowners, especially those who face financial problems, may wish to inspect and clean the air duct themselves to save some money. However, this is not recommended for multiple reasons. Most people do not have the training and tools to inspect the air duct properly. 

The air ducts are usually located close to the ceiling of the house. So if the homeowner or family member has no experience, he may find it difficult to reach the air duct and will waste more time. In other cases, he may get injured in the process of inspecting the air ducts.

Though the homeowner has to pay some fees you can also ask the contractor for free estimates. It is always better to hire an expert for an air duct inspection. The expert is well trained and has the latest tools, safety gear to ensure that he can access all the air ducts easily and safely. 

Since the professional has many years of experience in inspecting the air duct, he will be able to finish the process of inspection quickly. He will also be able to provide a more comprehensive report on the problems in the air-duct so that corrective action can be taken.

Does Your Air Duct Need Replacement Or Repair

If there is a problem with the air duct, the homeowner usually has two options, clean and repair the air ducts or replace them with new air ducts. In case, the air ducts have been used for a long period, more than ten years, it is better to replace them, since frequent repairs will time consuming and expensive. Usually, the seller will give a warranty on the new air-duct, so it will last for a longer time.