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Lolly Winston, failed author - Please update/change the DNS settings for your domain lollywinston.com so that your domain lollywinston.com does not point to the fixed IP address this dedicated web server is using!

Your domain - lollywinston.com - was apparently registered by enom.com.

Your domain - lollywinston.com - is using the dns servers - dns1.registrar-servers.com and dns2.registrar-servers.com.

Your domain - lollywinston.com - has DNS information that includes a DNS "A" (address) record that points to the IP address of this dedicated web server, which is no longer yours.

Since your website - lollywinston.com - no longer exists and seems defunct, apparently due to your divorce, bankruptcy, attorneys ripping you off, and begging for money on gofundme, so please change the IP address for your domain to point somewhere else.

A reasonable person might conclude that if your erstwhie publisher - Simon and Schuster - was worth two nickels and cared about making a profit from your writing, they would have paid the money themselves to keep your website going when you neglected to do so, but your publisher doesn't seem to care enough about you are your writing to have done that.

To do this, visit enom.com, log into your domain registration account. Then update the A (address) record for the DNS settings on lollywinston.com so that they don't point to the IP address that this dedicated web server is now using. The IP address you are using is no longer not yours, so stop point your domain to it.